1. Attend an Observation Morning and/or Open House (optional but highly recommended)

2. Complete application, including teacher recommendations from English and math teachers and three most recent grade reports for grades 2 through 12, any educational or psychological testing reports, photo and the $60 application fee. Applications for the upcoming school year are due on or before January 31. Mid-year applications are accepted if space is available in a particular class. Download application

3. Parent and student interview with appropriate Children's Garden teacher, Lower School teacher or the High School admissions committee. The High School requires a math and writing placement assessment to be completed at the time of the interview. International applicants will have a phone or Skype interview.

4. Visit or play group attendance for early childhood (ages 3-6) applicants and a 3-day student visit for grades 1 through 12 (except for summer and international applicants)

5. Admissions decision notification will be mailed by the Enrollment Director after all the above steps have been completed. Notifications for the upcoming school year are sent out the first week of March. Mid-year applicants can expect a decision within 2 weeks of completing the application process.

6. Enrollment will take place when all fees and tuition agreements have been received by the business office.