Tuition Information

Tuition information for 2015-2016 is available here.

Registration Fee: This non-refundable fee is paid annually at the time of initial enrollment or during the spring re-enrollment process. Along with the "Annual Tuition Agreement," this fee clarifies your commitment to WWS and reserves your child's place in the class each year. A $50 discount is allowed if paid by the due date as stated on the tuition agreement.

Other Fees: There will be other costs associated with activities such as field trips, class trips, and athletics. These fees will vary by grade and activity.

Multiple Child Adjustment: We offer discounts of 10% for the second child and 20% for the third and subsequent children.

Financial Aid: If you cannot afford full tuition, you may apply for partial financial aid. This is available on a case-by-case basis and will require the submission of detailed information demonstrating financial need. Click here for tuition assistance information and instructions for applying.

Refundable Deposit: A one-time, non-interest bearing, refundable deposit per family is required upon enrollment. The amount of this deposit is $3,000 per family with adjustments offered to families who receive tuition assistance or families whose children are enrolled in the Children's Garden. This deposit is refunded to the student's parents upon graduation, relocation, or withdraw from the school. In cases of financial hardship, families can request and work out an installment payment plan for meeting this refundable deposit requirement by contacting David Wu at x112.