The Washington Waldorf School is pleased to offer a variety of adult education opportunities throughout the school year to support, engage, and inspire our families and the wider community. The range of events include film screenings, lectures on pertinent topics of interest by outside experts, workshops, and more. While many of these events are primarily directed at parents, they generally are of wider interest, and anyone who is interested is welcome to attend. Most events are free.

The best sources of information on upcoming adult education events are our weekly bulletin and online calendar. 

Join Us for an Upcoming Virtual Event

Mindfulness Workshop

Thursday, Dec 3 at 7pm (online)

The prolonged experience of COVID 19 has greatly altered our day to day lives, anxiety level, and wellness. It has been especially challenging for parents as we're left balancing our work, our children's education, and our own emotional health. The uncertainty and anxiety impact many aspects of our existence including work productivity, relationships, wellness, and sleep. Mindfulness and meditation are proven ways to manage stress, better navigate challenging emotions, and enhance your relationship with yourself and those around you.

In this workshop participants will experience present moment awareness through practicing mindfulness of body, breath and mind/thoughts and learn about ways to develop a daily mindfulness practice. This workshop will also include guidance and information about parenting and building family resilience in the pandemic.

This workshop is facilitated through Zoom by Mick Neustadt LCSW-C, a licensed psychotherapist who teaches group mindfulness sessions and has been practicing mindfulness for 25 years. 

Mick Neustadt is a DC area mindfulness teacher and psychotherapist who has practiced mindfulness for 25 years. For the past decade, Mick has taught mindfulness to people of all ages in weekly groups, schools, and on retreats. Mick's teachings focus on practicing mindfulness in all that we do as a way to transform our relationship with ourselves, others and the world, and to cultivate a greater connection to life.

Mick has offered mindfulness to a wide range of groups including national nonprofits and businesses, psychotherapists, lawyers, nurses, and groups in Israel and the West Bank. In 2013, Mick graduated from the year-long Mindful Education Institute teacher training. He is also certified as a .b Mindfulness Teacher with the U.K. based Mindfulness in Schools Project as well as the Learning to Breathe curriculum for adolescents. In addition, Mick is a Level 2, iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher.

Mick currently works as a psychotherapist in private practice and part-time at the American University Counseling Center and at the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing. 

Past Events Include

  • Nancy Blanning, Sensing the World and Building the Brain-Partners for Life
  • Elizabeth Rule, "Indigenous Voices" discussion hosted by WWS's Committee for Diversity, Equity and Social Justice.
  • Parent Education Evening, with Lani Hill: Developmental Milestones: A Road Map for Parents 
  • Hygienic Eurythmy Course with Susan Walsh, Therapeutic Eurythmist
  • Next Steps, First Grade and Beyond, with Jennifer Page 
  • Left to Their Own Devices: Helping Our Children Navigate the Digital World; A Talk for Parents by Diana Graber, Founder of CyberCivics 
  • The Spiritual and Religious Needs of Children; Co-sponsored by the WWS Diversity Committee & the Christian Community of Greater Washington-Baltimore 
  • Introduction to Biodynamic Beekeeping: A Workshop with Gunther Hauk of Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary
  • Three Tsunamis of the Soul: Teens Won’t Drown If They Reach Higher Ground with Douglas Gerwin