Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the most important vehicle for raising the funds WWS needs to cover the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating our students. In addition, Annual Giving helps limit tuition increases, support additional programs, boost faculty compensation, and diversify our student body.

The support of the entire community is essential in helping to strengthen WWS. The school is deeply grateful for the many gifts of time and treasure that the community has provided. We all recognize that the cost of independent education places a significant burden on many families. At the same time, the philanthropic spirit of the community remains remarkably strong.

This year, our goal for the Annual Fund is $228,000.

Raised to date: $150,043
Number of gifts: 195
Current Parent participation (G1-12): 54%
Participation by class:

Children’s Garden: 20%
1st Grade: 45%
2nd Grade: 44%
3rd Grade: 48%
4th Grade: 67%
5th Grade: 75%
6th Grade: 70%
7th Grade 40%
8th Grade: 77%
9th Grade: 90%
10th Grade: 53%
11th Grade: 43%
12th Grade: 88%