Donating Stock or Other Securities

PDF version of these instructions

General Guidelines

If you have had a gain on a stock, it is better to gift the stock directly to WWS. You will thus not have to pay capital gains tax.

If you have had a loss, it may be better for you if your broker sells the stock and forwards a check to WWS. Thus, you can take the tax loss.

To Donate Stock:

If you wish to make a stock donation, please alert the Development Office. For a gift to the capital campaign, please notify Caitlin MacKenzie at 301-229-6107 x127 or by email to For a gift to the annual fund, please notify Maria Monteverde Jackson at call 301-229-6107 x125 or email to that a stock donation is on the way. (When stock brokers make a stock transfer the name of the donor is not passed on along with the transfer, so we have to be on the lookout.)

1.Your broker should contact Patricia Drabick at Johnston-Lemon – her phone number is 202-842-5559 or 800-424-5128 her email is Your broker will need the account name (Washington Waldorf School General Fund), the account number (3PG – 454921) and the DTC number (0443 [Pershing]).

2.The transfer must take place by noon on December 31st in order for it to be recorded as a donation in this tax year. You will need to plan ahead since it sometimes takes a day or two to set up a transaction.

3.The tax ID number for WWS, it is 23-7003486.

If you have any questions, please contact Marcia Leonard, Business Manager, at 301-229-6107 ext.112, Caitlin MacKenzie, Capital Campaign Director, for gifts to the Capital Campaign, at 301, 229-6107, ext. 127, or by email; Maria Monteverde-Jackson, Director of Annual Giving and Events, for gifts to the WWS Annual Fund, at 301-229-6107 ext.125, or by email.